Help for scuba divers

This is mostly for divers who are stuck with issues like anxiety, or who have experienced a distressing or traumatic incident, after the event is over.

How stuck are you?

A bit stuck, just looking for information

There are several common questions relating to anxiety and panic, as well as a page on diver anxiety and panic. If it’s something different, you find what you are looking for on the information for divers page.

For a comprehensive look specifically at diver panic and reducing risks, there is the Prevent Panic in Scuba Diving course. It is an information-only course. The course will help you to understand diver panic, the potential consequences and explore ways to reduce the risks.

Pretty stuck, and really fed up because I want to dive but can’t

If you’ve had a difficult experience in diving and need individual psychological support, then the current option is the In Depth consultation. These are individual appointments, so we have the time and privacy to work out what is going on for you, what is keeping you stuck and start looking at ways to unpick it. See the “about” page for more details.

It’s not just diving

If you are having wider issues with physical or mental health, then most likely the first contact is your own doctor. If it’s urgent, please check out this page .