Deep learning in scuba diving

There is always so much to learn from diving, this a place you can come to to reflect on new experiences and explore your observations. It’s for the divers who want to get beneath the surface and into deep learning.

Where you go from here depends on your current level of experience, your motivations and interests. Consider the following:

Deep Breathing for Scuba Divers

This short course takes you through breathing in diving, useful for new divers, but you’ll also notice some highly positive reviews from experienced divers who have found it helpful too. Worth a look if you want to improve air consumption or buoyancy control … or just relax!

*NEW COURSE* Mental Rehearsal for Scuba Divers

Learn how you can enhance your scuba skills from the comfort of your sofa! Mental Rehearsal and visualisation have been demonstrated as improving skills and reducing pre-dive anxiety Read more here…

Psychology for Scuba Divers

An online course covering a wide range of topics in the psychological aspects of diving. We look at important concepts such as task loading and situational awareness; and how these are affected by issues like stress or changes to the way the brain works underwater. We explore what motivates you as a diver. Consider ways you will continue to learn effectively in your future diving. We also look at different factors that influence what we do as divers, sometimes doing things we would not normally do!

Watch the video to get an idea of the sort of questions we like to ask here. It also ends with information about the course.

Prevent Panic in Scuba Diving

This online course goes deeper into the theories of diver panic. We start by exploring how much of a problem this is for divers, then explain what panic is and the causes of diver panic. We also take a look at why sometimes, some divers get stuck with repeat experiences of panic underwater. This is a useful course to compliment rescue diver training, in which you learn to identify and respond to panicked divers.

This brief video introduces the core concepts of the course, but clearly to understand this we need to go deeper, share ideas and experiences. In Prevent Panic for Scuba Divers we get into the statistics, research and theory, brought together with four case studies that run through the course.

A brief description of diver panic.

More deep learning?

Maybe you have more ideas for topics you want to dive into? Send in your suggestions!