New page to inform divers of support and self-help when a dive goes badly wrong

Do you think there is enough information and support for scuba divers after diving goes wrong? Not the immediate rescue, aftermath and medical assistance, but resources for mental and emotional impact. What about when there was no need for rescue and support, yet the diver is struggling to make sense of what happened or experiencing post-trauma issues. Would you be aware of options in this situation?

A quick post to announce the new resource page for scuba divers who have been involved in a distressing dive. There is currently very little information about post-trauma issues following incidents in scuba diving. Although the advice is very similar to other types of trauma there are some things that are important for divers. I am also working on a fuller, free, resource pack which will be accessed via this page in future.

Visit the new resource page here: If you believe this is useful, please consider sharing with your buddies/students/instructors/dive centres/clubs/members/customers.