Work with me

Divers are becoming aware of the psychological aspects of diving.  I’m interested in developing ways to support you in meeting the needs of your students, and helping them to stay fit-to-dive.



I offer psychological services via online private practice.   This may be helpful for divers who are wishing to address issues that have become barriers to their diving, for example: anxiety, depression, confidence or esteem issues or difficulty making changes needed to stay physically or psychologically fit-to-dive.  

I am registered as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK and able to offer online sessions. 

PADI Psychological Diver

The PADI Psychological Diver course is a distinctive specialty which covers “why we do what we do as divers”.  It is often helpful for divers to consider their skills and progress as divers, and to identify further activities they would like to pursue.  Currently, I offer the course on-demand, where a minimum of 5-6 diver are willing to commit.  Instructor-level certification is available, for PADI Instructors who have a relevant background (e.g. psychology, sociology, education).

Online Courses for your Divers

As an instructor myself, I realise there are some topics that divers would benefit from, but we do not always have time to cover on a scuba diving course, or the topic may not be one that is within the role of a diving instructor.  I am developing courses that students could work through independently, to fill in those gaps (e.g. narcosis and stress).  If there is a topic you think your divers would benefit from, please let me know.

Workshops and talks

There are a range of common challenges in scuba diving instruction, and I am developing workshops and talks including the following topics:

  • helping students/divers to overcome difficulties with the mask skills
  • understanding and preventing scuba diver panic
  • working with students experiencing anxiety, fear or phobia  (also possible to combine with DDI
  • awareness of psychological fitness-to-dive


We want divers to be safe, and arrive at the dive site fit-to-dive… and divers want to be fit-to-dive.  You can help by encouraging divers to join the fit-to-dive Facebook group, for inspiration and motivation.  If you do something that helps people stay fit-to-dive, you are welcome to share it in the group, including the name of your centre – provided that you stay and engage in the conversation meaningfully.