As scuba divers, we all want to be fit-to-dive.

Fit-to-dive is a community of divers seeking to inform, inspire and motivate each other to be fit-to-dive on Facebook.

Some of the topics we like to talk about:

  • Moving and staying active
  • Body weight
  • Diet
  • Medication
  • the dive medical
  • Issues with substance use (alcohol, tobacco, vaping ….)
  • Importance of being fit
  • taking care of self and being prepared to assist others
  • Not being fit-to-dive
  • Stuff that gets in the way
  • Concerns about wider standards and regulations
  • Different types of exercise ,e.g. running, yoga, gym
  • Role model behaviour
  • Tips for staying motivated
  • How to stay informed
  • Sleep and fatigue
  • Mental health
  • Divers of all levels of fitness and abilities represented
  • Making time for staying fit-to-dive
  • Recovering from injury or illness as a diver

And … dealing with self-isolation during Covid-19

  • The frustration?
  • Ways to stay physically active?
  • Staying mentally and emotionally well?
  • Covid-19 recovery and diving?
  • Ideas for improving dive theory knowledge?

All divers welcome.

If you are looking for information about a topic relating to staying fit-to-dive, please remember to check the source of the information. It’s fine to post links to useful sites and information, but please do not offer advice on matters that should be addressed with a professional (e.g. medical issues).

If you do something as a professional that helps & supports the dive community to stay mentally, emotionally or physically fit-to-dive, its fine to share what you do.

Please share your stories and photos to inspire & motivate each other to stay fit-to-dive.

Join here.