Dive Psychology for Scuba Professionals

STEP 1 – Check out the common questions

I’m slowly building answers to common questions, somewhere to direct divers when the questions are not directly relating to training and are more psychological in nature. Let me know if there is a question you want answered.

STEP 2 – Take a look at the courses

I create resources for the psychological aspects of diving that go deeper into the theory than most training agencies. For example, Prevent Panic in Scuba Diving complements rescue training because we go into the issues panic causes, consequences, why divers panic, the difference between active and passive panic, HOW to reduce the risks of diver panic, …

There is a free course, on breathing in diving, may be useful if that is something you want to explain but are short on time.

STEP 3 – Get in touch

Message me on the contact page for reflections or requests on topics needed in more depth, either in courses or on the website. If it’s about your student’s issues or mental health, it would be better they contact me themselves.

If you are UK or nearby, consider PADI Psychological Diver – I’m looking for instructors.