Dive Psychology for Scuba Professionals

STEP 1 – Check out the common questions I’m slowly building answers to common questions, somewhere to direct divers when the questions are not directly relating to training and are more psychological in nature. Let me know if there is a question you want answered. STEP 2 – Take a look at the courses I create resources for the psychological aspects of diving that go … Continue reading Dive Psychology for Scuba Professionals

Deep learning in scuba diving

There is always so much to learn from diving, this a place you can come to to reflect on new experiences and explore your observations. It’s for the divers who want to get beneath the surface and into deep learning. Where you go from here depends on your current level of experience, your motivations and interests. Consider the following: Deep Breathing for Scuba Divers This … Continue reading Deep learning in scuba diving

Help for scuba divers

This is mostly for divers who are stuck with issues like anxiety, or who have experienced a distressing or traumatic incident, after the event is over. How stuck are you? A bit stuck, just looking for information There are several common questions relating to anxiety and panic, as well as a page on diver anxiety and panic. If it’s something different, you find what you … Continue reading Help for scuba divers

Mental Health Awareness Course

As scuba divers we have the option to get underwater and escape from all the noise of daily life. We slow down our breathing and tune into the present. Scuba diving has lots of benefits for us, however, but we do need to be able respond to challenges in the underwater environment. Whether these are external problems, or our own human stuff getting in the … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Course

Scuba diver panic causes and prevention

In a state of panic, the human being acts on instinct, generally heading mindlessly for the nearest escape. A person in panic cannot think clearly and their actions are not rational. Their brain is operating on survival mode. Scuba diver panic is a real problem underwater. We can’t breathe underwater without our equipment, and we can’t go immediately to the surface because of the effects … Continue reading Scuba diver panic causes and prevention

The most important kit …

Have you noticed that we spend a lot of time and effort getting to know the equipment we use in scuba diving, but what about that one irreplaceable piece of kit? You! The PADI Psychological Diver is a course to help you explore your experiences as diver and learn more about how people behave underwater. Improve your awareness and make informed choices about your diving and training. … Continue reading The most important kit …

Invisible Skills for scuba diving

We learn lots of skills as scuba divers: buoyancy control, clearing a flooded mask, procedures for sharing air …  These skills involve physical movements, so we can mostly see them.  We can watch someone else do them and copy their actions so we can learn the skill. But, there are other skills, ones that cannot be seen. Like what a person does in their own mind … Continue reading Invisible Skills for scuba diving