FIT TO DIVE: Time to let you know what is going on!

You may have noticed a few changes on in the last few days. I want to let you in on what is going on. The major change is that I’ve officially set up a company to be the place I offer services and courses for divers: FIT TO DIVE LTD. I want to make that a space that divers can find information, create inspiration and share motivation. The focus is on emotional wellbeing, mental skills and knowledge, and physical fitness. For diving.

What is different with FIT TO DIVE?

The main change is to the name. Services and products will all be under the new name. The school is now the main site for everything except the blog. I’ve also handed the site over to FIT TO DIVE … it will be the blog. Don’t worry, you can still access all of the pages on, it’s just they’ll also be accessible via There’s a different logo too.

As an organisation (a tiny one-person one) the core business is education. Also research into the behavioural and psychological aspects of diving that inform our courses. I’m also offering more complex, Clinical Psychology services for diver, but these are limited, due to licensing laws. At the same time, the education and training aspects aim to reduce any referrals I get following diving accidents.

What can you do?

Head over to and read the one part of the website I didn’t create: the reviews. If you really want to help, then you can share it round and invite people to the Facebook group. Remember, it’s not just about running, we want to broaden out the definition to include mental and emotional aspects. Maybe that is running. Or maybe it’s soaking up knowledge about decompression theory that helps you to reduce risks of dive injuries that would put you out of the water. Alternatively, its the therapeutic aspects of diving on wellbeing. It’s about whatever fit-to-dive means to you!

Fit to dive in 2021

As I’m writing this, it’s 1st January 2021. Divers all over the world are hoping to get more time in the water this year, and be fit to enjoy it. There are conditions that will mean no doctor’s sign off ,we don’t yet know what Covid will do. Some stuff we can’t control. But, for most of us, there is a lot we can do.

It’s the 1st of January. Traditionally the time for setting (and soon breaking) New Years resolutions. You know they rarely stick! We make them too big, we base them on “shoulds” and we forget that they need to fit in our real-lives. So this year, try something different. Don’t make a resolution. Make a commitment. A statement of actions you will take (“will take”, not “try to”). Make them achievable and realistic, even if that means making them teeny tiny! If it’s a habit you want to build, then stick them to an existing habit, like doing them straight after something you already do every day. Make sure they actually matter to you. Write them down and share them publicly! For instance, put them on a t-shirt if you think that will help you keep going! Then do them!

BTW: talking of t-shirts, I decided to have a play on Teemill and make some for you! It you want a physical, printed statement that reflects your commitment to be take action towards FIT TO DIVE in 2021 get one here. Simple, minimalist. Put it on to remind you to run/yoga/sit around relaxing more/study diving theory/take a diving course … whatever it is you’re committing to. Fit to dive gets £3.75 from each t-shirt, which will go towards running costs. Let me know if it helps, maybe we can make it a yearly thing?